Montemassi Castle

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Montemassi Castle is located in the village of Montemassi, near the city of Grosseto, on the top of a hill which overlooks the entire valley. The castle was built near the year 1000 as a belonging of the Aldobrandeschis. 

The family lost control of the fortification in the XIII century, owing to a violent siege from the city of Siena.

However, some decades later, the castle was subdued to the Pannocchieschis and the Cappuccianis from Sticciano in the XIV century.

Then in 1328 the sienese army managed to reconquer the fortress, thanks to a long siege carried out by Guidoriccio Da Fogliano. The event was represented in a fresco by Simone Martini, which can be found in the Public Palace of Siena.

In the following decades the castle was the main target of several struggles that led to many internal riots. In 1374 it was ruled by the Salimbeni family, but they lost its control some years later in favour of the Verdellis from Montalcino.

At the beginning of the XV century Siena succeeded in regaining control over the area, the fortress was then included in the Republic of Siena. However, Siena had to face the local resistance to authority as the local people claimed more autonomy and the legitimacy of Montemassi, which never happened.

After the fall of the Republic of Siena in the XVI century, Montemassi was subdued to the Granducato of Toscany. The Medici family gave the castle in fief to the marquisate of the Masalpina in the XVII century. Finally around the year 1840 the castle was abandoned and left to ruin.

Since then, the complex was left in a state of heavily degrade. Restoration work was started at the end of the last century until the first years of the new Millenium.

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