Belagaio Castle

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Belagaio castle was originally ownership of the Aldobrandeschi family. In 1202 they handed it over to Siena, whose authorities decided to organise a small Community in 1272.

In 1726 the marquisate of the Zandonais from Siena acquired the complex, along with the small public chapel and the surrounding wood of holm-oaks and chestnuts.The castle was restored in the second half of the XIX century by Count Ruggero Grottanelli. 

The medieval style that characterises the castle was highlighted thanks to the latest restoration works. Since 1970’s the fortress has been owned by the State Forestry Department, which is currently using it as a farmhouse to breed horses and cattle. 

The Belagaio castle appears as an imposing fortified complex and is composed of the old country house, placed next to a battlemented tower.
The Chapel of San Leonardo was built in the middle-age and was restored repeatedly in more recent times.

In the façade you can notice the portal door topped with a lancet arch, the intern hall lacks of the apse and contains a holy water font, which probably dates back to the origin of the chapel.

Above the high altar you can find a copy from the the XX century of the altar-piece of Matteo di Giovanni portraying “Madonna con bambino in trono ed angeli”.

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